Recognizing the American Red Cross Club

By Margaret Liendo

There are many clubs and organizations on campus that are focused on community service and working for the common good. However, one club stood out this year and we would like to recognize all of the hard work and dedication to its mission and organization: the American Red Cross Club.

This past year, the American Red Cross Club hosted and took part in a wide variety of events and activities that worked to better serve and inform the community. The club started off the beginning of the year by hosting its first ever cookie sale in the Student Lounge, which raised over $70. The club followed up with its annual raking leaves event, where volunteers raked the backyards of homes for a donation to the club; this event alone helped raise $500!

Later on in the year, the American Red Cross Club helped make Valentine’s Day cards to distribute to retired veterans. The club also helped to raise funds and awareness about the Measles and Rubella Initiative, which serves to provide vaccinations to children in third world countries. Through its different events, the club helped raise over $1,000 for its charity, an accomplishment that did not go unnoticed. This past Leadership Luncheon, the American Red Cross Club was one of the recipients of the Exceptional Organization Award.

“All of this could have not been possible without the help of our incredible volunteers, so thank you for your hard work and dedication,” Yudith Escobar, president of the American Red Cross Club, stated.

Overall, the American Red Cross Club did some amazing work this year and with its new executive board, it hopes to do even more. This is truly what St. Joseph’s clubs are all about, and the importance of its motto, “To be, not to seem.” e know that truth rings in Margaret Mead’s words: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”


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