What to Do in NYC

By Samantha Corr 

We live just a train-ride away from one of the most exciting cities in the world. If you are hesitant to take the trip because you do not know what to do there, hopefully one of these ideas will spark your interest.

See a show

Broadway and off-broadway shows are one of the best — and most well known — things broadway.jpgto do in Manhattan. And now, with smartphones, it is easy enough to find affordable tickets for any showing. I always use Tix Today, an app where you can purchase tickets for a variety of shows. Someone from the company will meet you outside whatever theater to deliver the tickets to you. It is very convenient to be able to pay on the app and have the tickets ready at the door for you. I have seen Chicago and Les Miserables this way.

If you get the chance, attend either the New York City Ballet, The New York Philharmonic Orchestra or The Metropolitan Opera. SJC offers trips to the opera, which I highly recommend. I went once before; it was an amazing experience. Tickets are limited, but are available to purchase from the Office of Student Involvement for $30. If you ever wanted to go, this is such a great deal because the price includes the opera ticket and transportation to and from the city via bus


While you are in the musical mood, you should check out my personal favorite place to eat: Ellen’s Stardust Diner. Located at 1650 Broadway Avenue, right near all of the theaters, you can get the experience of the theater while you eat. All of the waiters and waitresses perform a wide variety of songs to capture all of the audience’s attention. If that is not your style, there are a million other amazing restaurants throughout the city. Avoiding chain restaurants can lead you to some great, unique restaurants that you may be passing by otherwise.

Visit the museums

New York City is also home to some of the world’s finest artwork and history found across many museums. We have the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art), the MoMa (Museum of Modern Art), the Guggenheim, The Natural History Museum, the Jewish Museum, New York’s First Museum (New York Historical Society), New York Transit Museum and many many others. Just googling “NY museums” gives you hundreds of results. St. Joe’s often has bus trips to the Met, since it is required for some art and history classes, but these trips are open to everyone. Some of these museums have reduced admission for students, and others have only a recommended donation, meaning you can donate any amount that you can afford.

Visit Central Park

balto02This is one of the most beautiful places in the city. A massive park in the middle of the skyscrapers makes it even more special. There are so many places to see, including the Belvedere Castle, The Shakespeare Garden and Central Park Zoo, as well as the Balto and Alice and Wonderland statues. It’s fun to walk through the park and discover things along the way, or even use one of the many maps to find the specific sights you are looking for. They have different types of tours through the park including those centered around bird watchings, landmarks, iconic views and more.


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