Free Hugs Project

By Katherine Escobar  On Tuesday, March 7, the Office of Multicultural Student Life hosted Ken E. Nwadike of “The Free Hugs Project.” Nwadike is a peace activist, motivational speaker, video journalist and YouTuber best known for his video of giving free hugs at various rallies and protests. Nwadike  came to our campus to showus different … Continue reading Free Hugs Project


World Baseball Classic Begins

By Mike Sutter The fourth iteration of the World Baseball Classic has begun. Sixteen countries are participating in the 2017 edition of the tournament. The WBC has taken place three times before, with Japan winning in 2006 and 2009, and the Dominican Republic winning in 2013. All teams in the 2017 WBC have played in … Continue reading World Baseball Classic Begins

SJC Roller Hockey Team Finishes Season

By Allison Kamel  The St. Joseph’s College Division IV Roller Hockey team finished its season last weekend at the Eastern Collegiate Roller Hockey Association’s championships. While the squad could not make it to the quarterfinals, it finished the season with seven wins and just four losses. The team went into this season with hopes of … Continue reading SJC Roller Hockey Team Finishes Season

13 Reasons Why You Should Read Thirteen Reasons Why

By Erika Berger  Thirteen Reasons Why is a novel by Jay Asher about a teenage girl named Hannah who has recorded the reasons why she committed suicide. She’s passed the recording via cassette tapes to 13 people to explain how each person influenced her decision to end her life. The novel is narrated from the … Continue reading 13 Reasons Why You Should Read Thirteen Reasons Why