Petition for Utensils

By Allison Kamel

Have you ever noticed how hard it can be to find a fork on campus? As soon as you need one, you will be quick to realize that there is no place on campus where utensils are openly available to anyone who might be in need.

Even if you have not gone on this journey, a speech communications junior at SJC has. He began a petition to get the lack of cutlery availability to change

On February 9, “SJC needs Utensils like we need Pens and Pencils” was launched on The petition states the following:

“Students and Faculty/Staff of St. Joseph’s College should have public access to the utensils provided by our current catering company. We currently have to ask for a fork, spoon, knives. While the napkins and condiments (sauce) are accessible. Perhaps we need to question their ability to provide customer service and attend to our needs. Please join our cause to bring back the public access. When the cafeteria and Perch are closed.. how are we supposed to get them?”

The junior who began the petition wishes to remain anonymous. When asked why he began the petition, he commented on the customer service. “It does not hold up to SJC standards.”

As of writing this, the petition has 39 signatures. The goal is 250. The creator of the petition is beginning to have doubts about the success of the petition. “Many I reached out to did not support the petition, saying it was not an issue. I feel that perhaps I might surrender to the lack of student support.”
We’d love to know what you think! Is this an issue? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook. If you are interested in supporting this initiative, here’s the link to the petition:


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