First-Look at Avengers: Infinity War

By Gabrielle Stamille

Over the weekend, the first-look trailer for Avengers: Infinity War was released. Since filming only began on January 23, 2017, it is more of the actors and directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, giving the audience a brief recap and explanation of the Avengers movies that led to this film.

All the Marvel movies are connected, and the writers, directors and producers purposefully planned to end with Avengers: Civil War, in order to create tension and a lack of unity among our favorite team of heroes before they have to face their most dangerous enemy, Thanos.

Thanos was previously seen in Guardians of the Galaxy and during the ending credits of Avengers: Age of Ultron, where we see the infinity gauntlet, where he will place the infinity stones — should he acquire  them. There are six infinity stones with different powers. There is the Time, Mind, Power, Reality, Space and Soul stones. The stones are seen throughout the Marvel films. Most recently, the Time Stone has been seen in the Eye of Agamotto, used by Doctor Strange. The Mind Stone was used in Loki’s scepter and is now in Vision’s forehead, the Power Stone was used by Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy and given to the Nova Core for safe keeping, the Reality Stone (or Aether) was given to the Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy, the Space Stone (or Tesseract) was last seen being sent to Asgard, and the Soul Stone has not been introduced yet.

There are still a few Marvel movies coming out before the 2018 release of Avengers: Infinity War, in which the Soul Stone can show up. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 is coming to theaters May 5, 2017. Spider-Man: Homecoming is coming to theaters July 7, 2017. Thor: Ragnarok is scheduled to come to theaters November 3, 2017.

Avengers: Infinity War will include the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, and — according to the Internet Movie Database — Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel will be played by Brie Larson (probably best known for her Oscar winning performance in 2015’s Room), who will star in her movie, Captain Marvel, scheduled for March 8, 2019. So, while there is still a long wait for this awesome mix of characters in the highly-anticipated film, there are still clues to be seen in the remaining Marvel films, and plenty of time to rewatch the other Marvel movies to refresh our memories and prepare for Infinity War.


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