Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

By Samantha Stilwagen

As most of you know, Valentine’s Day is coming up. For those of you in relationships, it can be hard to come up with good gifts for your significant other. For those of you who are single, it’s important to treat yourself in celebration of “Singles Awareness Day.” Here’s some gift ideas that are easy to alter to make more personal. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Gifts for Him

  • Tickets to a sporting event/concert that he would enjoy.
  • Bow-tie (So he can look snazzy when you go out together).
  • Watch (If you want to be corny about it, you can always attach a little note that says, “I could never spend enough time with you.”)
  • A gym bag full of workout clothes and gear . . . to get his heart pumping.
  • Picture frame with your favorite picture of the two of you together.

Gifts for Her

  • Tickets to a sporting event/concert that she would enjoy.
  • Anything she said was nice or that she would want while she dragged you around the mall. (Paying attention and remembering something like this will go a long way!)
  • Spa day gift certificate.
  • A bag filled with small (or big) versions of her favorite things. Examples: candy, makeup, fuzzy socks, or anything else she likes.
  • Use a deck of cards to write out 52 things you love about her!

For Yourself

  • Any of the previously mentioned gift ideas would be great for a day that you spend pampering yourself.
  • Have some other single friends over and have a Netflix binge session of a show none of you have seen before.
  • Wear sweatpants or pajamas all day . . . because you can!
  • Lastly and possibly the most important advice for on Valentine’s Day . . . go to CVS or really any store/pharmacy on Feb. 15 and buy a bunch of candy that is half priced! Talk about TREATing yourself!

If you decide to use any of these ideas we would love to see your finished product! You can tweet us pictures @SJCTalonLI. We can’t wait to see how you took the ideas from the article and put your own personal twist on them!



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