Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

By Allison Kamel

Thanksgiving weekend this year meant more than just turkey and shopping. It meant the release of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. This four-part revival was much awaited by fans of the original Gilmore Girls, but did it hold up to expectations?

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!


Let’s start with a trip down memory lane. The series included many of the reasons the original Gilmore Girls was so loved. It featured Kirk being Kirk in every episode, but especially in “Winter.”

Kirk has a new idea to make money: Oober. It is a car service, but in order to use it, people must call his mother who will then give him the message. The town troubadour can be seen both playing music on the streets of Stars Hallow, as well as running out other troubadours from the town.

“Spring” includes a Stars Hollow festival; this one features multicultural foods, only most countries are not represented, due to unfortunate circumstances. And of course, Stars Hallow would not be Stars Hallow if Taylor and Luke were not fighting over the newest town resolutions. This time, Taylor wants to replace the sewage system and needs Luke to give a sewage testimony. By the end, Luke gives in. Finally, it is relieving to know that Hep Alien is still a band and is still playing gigs.

The series focuses in on a year of the Gilmore girls’ lives where things seem to not be going so well. Emily is dealing with Richard’s death. She gets a portrait of him that takes up an entire wall in her living room. She has a maid she can’t speak to. She tries to get rid of all her things because, in the words of Marie Kondo, they don’t bring her joy. Emily even attempts therapy, which goes well until Lorelai becomes involved.

Lorelai, though, is dealing with her own problems. Sookie left the Dragonfly Inn and now Michel wants to as well. Luke and Lorelai are having communication issues. She decides that the way to solve her problems is to do “Wild,” aka hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. The breaking point that led her to nature was, of course, a fight with Rory.

Rory’s life hasn’t ended up quite like she imagined it. She gave up her apartment and can’t find steady work; all of her opportunities kept falling through. She has a boyfriend she can’t remember exists and she’s seeing Logan Huntzberger on the side. The main problem with that: Logan’s engaged to a girl who lives in France. When she finally gets inspired, thanks to a comment from Jess, her mom disapproves.

It is disheartening to see Rory Gilmore, the girl with so many plans and a bright future, so unsure of her life for most of this series. But she has the right people supporting her throughout. Her relationship with her mom is, for the most part, better than ever. She spends time with Paris and Layne, vents to Logan, talks to both Jess and Dean briefly, visits the dean of Chilton and even sees her dad. These people give her the strength to move forward and she does. At the end of the series, she is set to write a book about her life and she has Lorelai’s approval.

There is one thing that is about to change Rory’s whole life, though. The last four words of the series were planned by creator Amy Sherman-Palladino years ago. She was not involved in the final season of Gilmore Girls and thus had to save her perfect ending for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Now after much anticipation, the four words have been heard.

“Mom,” says Rory.

“Yeah,” replies Lorelai.

“I’m pregnant,” says Rory.

These words were definitely a shock. Rory is supposed to have her life together and not have things happen unplanned. This was definitely unplanned.

It is easy to assume that the child is Logan’s, but Rory and Logan said goodbye after a night with Logan’s Life and Death Brigade friends, Robert, Finn and Colin. It’s nice to think that maybe Jess will be there for her and that they’ll end up together, much like Lorelai and Luke. And that’s what makes these words so perfect. It brings the series full circle.

Lorelai was unmarried and raised Rory on her own. Now Rory is unmarried and will, presumably, raise her child all on her own. Logan also parallels Christopher in certain ways. They were both rebellious teenagers and young adults, but they eventually fall into line with the family wishes. Logan is marrying his finance because he is supposed to. Christopher is seen in “Fall” in an office, wearing a suit, following in his family’s footsteps. If these parallels continue in the arc of Rory’s life, then there can be some hope for fans of Jess. Maybe Jess, Luke’s nephew, will turn out to be Rory’s soulmate, just as Luke turned out to be Lorelai’s.


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