The Perch

By Nicholas Vogt
When you hear the word “perch” you probably think of the place where a bird lands and roosts. Who knew that word could be used as a name for a café?

In reality, it’s not that unusual considering St. Joseph’s entire motif on birds. When the fall semester began, we came back to school with an entire new café on the third floor of O’Connor Hall.

Get a steaming cup of coffee and a delicious chocolate chip muffin and sit and relax in The Perch’s mini dining area, where a great view of the Quad can be seen. The staff are very friendly and can help you in choosing from their extensive menu.

It’s a great place to read and study or just to sit back and relax. Between the great extensive menu of a cafeteria and the environment of a library, it’s truly the best of both worlds in such a small café. With all of these aspects closely knitted together, it’s deserving of its name: A place to sit down and relax — The Perch.


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