Saint Joseph’s Baseball Alumni Game

By Anthony Aloisio

On Saturday, October 15, 2016, the Golden Eagles baseball team held its first-ever Gregg Alfano Alumni Game and ring ceremony on the Gregg Alfano Field at SJC’s Outdoor Field Complex. This year’s game was a special one — it was the first alumni game in three years, due to conflicts with the weather and other sequences of events. This year was also special due to the fact that the baseball team won the Skyline Division Championship last May.

The alumni game consisted of 50 players that graduated from St. Joe’s over the years. There were some players that participated in helping out on the field, such as umpires. Senior Anthony Rizzo and I worked behind the plate as the catcher and umpire. Some players also helped out, umpiring in the field and taking care of the scoreboard. The crowd of about 250 people enjoyed how Rizzo umpired the game but they also enjoyed poking fun at some of the alumni, such as Brendan Sullivan for wearing his first pair of pure-white pants. But everyone knew that the heckling was just for laughs and it brought the baseball community, young and old, together.

After the game, the team held its ring ceremony, which consisted of the presentation of the Skyline Conference Championship rings by Coach Garrett, Coach Benkert and athletic director Shantey Hill. Along with the ring ceremony, a barbecue was enjoyed by players and fans alike.

A special thanks to the older alumni for taking time out of their busy schedules to bring themselves and their families down to spend a day reliving their glory days and having a few laughs at St. Joseph’s College.


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