Club of the Month: Sociology Club

By Maria Stamile

Do you want to join a club where we, the students can talk about anything and everything? Do you want to have a place where you can swap your own thoughts and ideas? Then look no further than the Sociology Club right here at SJC Long Island.

As many people may know, the Sociology Club is a fairly new club; it became an official club as of the Spring 2016 semester and many people may be wondering what it is all about. The club is open to everyone, not just for those who study sociology.

officers-of-sociIf you attend the meetings, you will find a welcoming and open forum for students to share their thoughts and feelings, ideas and concerns on various topics. Up to this point in time, the club has discussed the Black Lives Matter movement, music, politics, the socialization of masculinity and more; there are an infinite number of topics that can be discussed and how the topics pertain to the society at large.

Since the club is still a fairly new development, we want you to share your thoughts and soc.pngideas with us! There are some ideas that are currently in the works. As stated by former Sociology Club president Brittany Correia ’16, “In the coming semesters, we plan on having numerous events, speakers, fundraisers and graduate information sessions in order to bring a sociological perspective to campus discussions.”

Whether you have ideas for discussion, ideas for events or any suggestions that may be beneficial for the club, please share your thoughts! We meet every other week on Wednesdays and, if anyone is interested, we (usually) have food!



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