Centennial Celebration Concert

By Allison Kamel

On September 30, alumni, staff and students gathered at the Space at Westbury to enjoy a concert featuring Phillip Phillips.

The Centennial Celebration Concert began with an introduction from Carrie Bhada, Vice President of Institutional Development. She used her time on stage to thank the alumni and donors for all their support and involvement with St. Joseph’s College. These people help make the college everything it is.

Following the introduction, a video was played to honor the past, present, and future of SJC. It featured images of students on both the Long Island and the Brooklyn campus and reminded viewers of what makes St. Joseph’s College a great community.

“From global learning opportunities to NCAA Division III athletics, from exceptional teaching in small classes by renowned faculty to dynamic internships and leadership experiences,” said the video, “SJC is preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s opportunities.”

The video also outlined goals for the future to make St. Joseph’s a larger, more diverse community. The goal that was most emphasized was strengthening SJC Online. Having SJC Online be a larger program means that more students from across the country can be a part of the SJC community.

After the video ended, it was time for the main event — Phillip Phillips.
“Let’s get rowdy,” Phillips yelled, as he took the stage at the Space at Westbury.


His set, which lasted about an hour, included his hits “Raging Fire,” “Gone” and “Home.” It also included new music, included a song called “Magnetic.” Both the hits the audience knew and the new material was enjoyed by all in attendance.

One thing that really stood out during his performance was his band. Most of the set 20160930_203054consisted Phillips on guitar just jamming out with the band behind him. The band consisted of the usuals: a keyboard, bass guitar, guitar and drums. But it also included a cello, trombone and trumpet.
These elements really stood out and made the performance special.

When the set ended with “Home,” the audience joined in loudly and had fun with Phillips, who didn’t seem to want to end the show. When the song finally did end, he threw his guitar pick into the crowd. Two sophomores ended up taking it home.

“We got his guitar pick,” said sophomore Maria Pileggi. “I had a lot of fun!”

“I thought it was a good idea for the school to have Phillip Phillips,” said sophomore Tiffany Luu. “They should have more events like this.”




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