Black Friday

By Cara Giannetto

As we all know, the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday — aka one of, if not the biggest, shopping day of the year. Every year, millions of people get up at all hours of the morning and spend a good part of the day shopping.

If you’re like me, you’d much rather spend Black Friday sleeping in, lounging around in your pajamas and enjoying delicious Thanksgiving leftovers. However, the majority of the people don’t feel that way. They want to get up early and spend the day getting as many sales as possible. If you plan on going Black Friday shopping this year, here are a few helpful tips:

1. Kohl’s has recently revealed a list of their new toys for the holidays, including exclusive American Girl products. If you will be shopping for a little cousin, sister, niece, whomever, Kohl’s should be on your list of places to shop.

2. There are a few smartphone apps that you can download that can help you check prices and even track down your friends if you get separated. With ShopSavvy, you can scan the barcode on any item and compare prices to those offered online and nearby stores. You can also download the Black Friday App, which includes all Black Friday ads along with sale hours and store information. One other app that would be useful on Black Friday is Nifti. This app tracks prices based on historical sales data and it can tell you if the Black Friday price is worth it, or if there will be a better discount at another time.

3. If you’re going to get up at 3 a.m. to go Black Friday shopping, you would want to know the best things to buy to make the trip worthwhile, right? Tablets and E-Readers are one of the best things to buy on Black Friday, and they make awesome holiday gifts. Laptops are also among some of the best things to buy on Black Friday. They are usually last year’s model or mid-to-low range options, but they are still perfectly usable laptops. TVs are the most iconic Black Friday deals and, if you are okay with a TV that is not top-of-the-line, then TVs are a great Black Friday deal (but if you are looking for a top-of-the-line TV, those usually go on sale in January before the Super Bowl). Video games, consoles and movies are also great items to get on Black Friday, along with cameras, smartphones and small appliances.

So, if you’re going to be among the millions of people going Black Friday shopping this year, at least now with these tips you will know how to do the most effective shopping to make your majority-of-the-day shopping trip worthwhile!


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