Sugar Skull Makeup Ideas

By Cara Giannetto

If you have a last-minute Halloween party and don’t have time to throw a costume together, or even if you just want to be festive while handing out candy at home, turning your face into a sugar skull is a Halloween classic! You can wear anything you have in your closet, and you can create it however you want. With sugar skulls the possibilities are endless since the sugar skull you create is up to you and your creativity.

Here are two different ideas and tips on how to create them:

  1. This is a beautiful sugar skull and it will take some patience, but it is easier than it may look.
    1. First, use a very light shade of foundation and add a light powder or white mask1eyeshadow over it to set it.
    2. Using black eyeliner, draw a big circle around both eyes and fill it in with a vibrant colored eye shadow.
    3. Create a bunch of little half circles going around the big circle, and outline them with white eyeliner.
    4. Create a wing on your top lash line and apply some false lashes.
    5. Next, apply a bright pink lipstick on your lips, then on both sides draw a line going back towards your jaw and draw little half circles above and below the line–just as you did around your eyes.
    6. Lastly, for the pretty black swirly lines on your forehead, cheekbones, and chin just use black eyeliner and your creativity!
  1. You could also create a half-faced sugar skull.
    1. Start by using a very light shade of foundation and add some white eyeshadowmask2.png on top, or you can use the NYX Jumbo eye pencil in the shade “milk” (or something similar to it), draw a line down the middle of your face and completely color in one half.
    2. Make a circle around one eye using black eyeliner and fill it in with whatever color eyeshadow you want.
    3. Make little half circles going around the bigger circle, alternating between white and whatever color you used to fill in the circle to fill them in.
    4. Next, using black eyeliner, create four slightly curved lines on your forehead starting above your eyebrow and going up to the line down the middle of your face, connecting them and creating a spider web.
    5. Use black eyeliner to line half of your lips, extend that line outward and make a few vertical lines across it.
    6. Lastly, use the same color lipstick on half of your lips that you used around your eye and use the black eyeliner to create half a nose on your nose, and that’s it!

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