Luckiest Girl Alive

By Samantha Stilwagen

All teenagers search to find their place amongst their peers. In Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll, the main character, Ani, is the new girl in school and trying to fit in. Some of the popular boys took a liking to her shortly after she arrived. She enjoyed the attention. Unfortunately, she did not know what they had in store for her.

Public humiliation is never something people want to go through. Unfortunately, teenagers are prone to experiencing humiliation amongst their peers. The humiliation Ani faces is more than most people have faced. The boys get Ani drunk at a party and take turns attacking her. Since she was drinking and flirting, Ani thought she was somewhat responsible for what happened to her. Like most people, she was too afraid to tell anyone.

Shortly after the attacks, one of Ani’s close friends, Arthur, decides to take revenge on the boys who have been picking on him for years. He had a close friend who was tormented so much that he had to be sent to a different school for protection. Arthur and his friend take guns and bombs into the school. They aim to hurt those who have hurt them.

Many years later, Ani is asked to speak out about the events that occurred that day in the school. This decision was one of the hardest decisions that Ani has ever had to make. She turns to her fiance for support. He would prefer that she buried the whole situation rather than re-hash it on a television segment. In the end, Ani makes the decision that she feels has her best interest in mind.

This book was an amazing read. It switches back and forth from the present and the past. It keeps you guessing until the very end. This is something that I look for in books. It keeps it interesting and makes me want to keep reading until I get the answers I am looking for. If you are looking for something exciting and a little bit different, this is definitely a great book for you!


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