Movies Sure to Spook You This Halloween!

By Margaret Liendo October is revered by many as not only the start of the fall season, but also what some would call the best holiday of the year: Halloween! Many indulge in all the festivities this holiday brings, from the frighteningly tasty candies and treats to the ghoulish costumes. Yet many may not end … Continue reading Movies Sure to Spook You This Halloween!


Sugar Skull Makeup Ideas

By Cara Giannetto If you have a last-minute Halloween party and don’t have time to throw a costume together, or even if you just want to be festive while handing out candy at home, turning your face into a sugar skull is a Halloween classic! You can wear anything you have in your closet, and you … Continue reading Sugar Skull Makeup Ideas

Theatre in Theaters and on Television

By Gabrielle Stamile Missed the stage production? Luckily, National Theatre will be showing filmed versions of their popular stage productions in selected cinemas. Some shows include The Deep Blue Sea (starring Helen McCrory), Frankenstein (starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller), Hamlet (starring Benedict Cumberbatch), The Threepenny Opera (starring Rory Kinnear and Rosalie Craig) and … Continue reading Theatre in Theaters and on Television