SJC Gets Cultural

By Allison Kamel

On September 22, St. Joseph’s Office of Multicultural Student Life (MSL) held its annual Cultural Fair on the lawn outside the Danzi.

To celebrate diversity, the event included activities from multiple cultures — Chinese, Latino, African, Middle Eastern and Italian.

20160922_133745There was a table where students could learn to write with Chinese characters. Students were invited to write an inspiring word on a stone. According to a sign created by the MSL, stones symbolized solidity, stability and being grounded to the Ancient Chinese.

The event also included salsa lessons. One of SJC’s performance clubs is Latin Dance Club. A few members of the club volunteered their time to teach a Salsa Dance workshop, with music provided by SJC Radio. Students had a lot of fun learning the basics of salsa and might even consider going to their club meetings in the future. Along with salsa dancing, students who wanted to participate in an activity got the chance to partake in an Italian bocce ball contest.


African culture was represented at the event in the form of African hair braiding. Students had the opportunity to get hair extensions — pink, blue or green — threaded into their braids, which were cinched with beads at the bottom. One table over from the hair braiding featured henna tattoos, an important part of Middle Eastern cultures. In these cultures, it is tradition to receive henna when celebrating special occasions, such as holidays and weddings. The tradition of henna tattoos in these cultures has existed for over 5,000 years. It has since become adapted throughout the world as a form of self-expression.

Of course it’s not an event at SJC unless there’s free food, right? The food at the Cultural Fair hailed from a mix of Spanish and Italian culture. There were nachos, empanadas and meatballs.

                    20160922_130446    20160922_130919

With the 80° weather, the Cultural Fair was the perfect way to spend the first day of Fall at Saint Joe’s.


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