My Study Abroad Experience: Glasgow

By Samantha Corr

In honor of the global studies fair coming up this October 14 (, I thought I would share my recent study abroad experience.

Glasgow, Scotland. What an amazing city. They say the “people make Glasgow” for a reason. There is always so much to see and do, but it’s not as cold and unfriendly as New York City. Instead, people here will sit with you in a cafe and tell you all of their favorite places in the area or, instead of giving you directions, they will walk you there themselves to make sure you make it. My personal favorite story is from when I was stopping to get a coffee on the way to school one day and didn’t have any cash and they didn’t accept credit cards, so the barista told me I could come back later to pay for it. It was the things like this that made me fall more in love with the city every day.

Glasgow College of Building and Printing

There’s so much to do in the city too!

The city center has plenty of shopping in the malls and department stores, and even kilt shops. A variety of museums, including the the Hunterian Museum, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, the Riverside Museum and the Lighthouse Museum, always make a good way to spend an afternoon. The city center also has the best nightlife down Sauchiehall Street.

Then there’s the West End, which has tons of restaurants and cafes, secondhand stores and bookstores. This area is more residential. Merchant City is another one of my favorite areas, which is best known for its beautiful architecture and all kinds of international food, ranging from Indian to Scottish to Italian.


Glasgow is also home to three universities, including the University of Glasgow (located in the West End), Strathclyde University and Glasgow Caledonian University (both in the city center). I attended the University of Glasgow, the fourth oldest university in the English speaking world. It was founded in 1451 and home to many Nobel laureates. It is such a beautiful university and even rumored to be the inspiration for Hogwarts!

The city has great public transportation, including tour buses which take you up to the highlands. I went on trips to a different city every weekend! Our favorites were the overnight trip to the Isle of Skye and Loch Ness, and the day trips to The Glenfinnan Viaduct and Jacobite Steam Train (aka the Hogwarts Express) and St. Andrews. The drives through the Highlands have some of the most beautiful scenery that you will ever see, so they are definitely worth the trip.

If you want to discover more about Glasgow check out their website!


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