A message from Dr. Rose Mary Howell

Dear St. Joseph’s College Student,

On behalf of the St. Joseph’s College community, I am pleased to welcome you to St. Joseph’s College for the 2016-2017 academic year. We are very pleased that you have decided to attend a college that has been described as ‘a family’ by its students.

During Orientation, you will receive important information from several speakers who will help you start your college career at SJC on the right track. You will also meet your assigned upper class orientation leaders. These student leaders will assist you in adjusting to St. Joseph’s College and tell you about exciting events including the Centennial Day at Watch Hill, the Welcome Back BBQ, Club Fair and much more.

Your success as St. Joseph’s College is very important to us. Therefore, I am providing a list of campus resources that are available, if you need them:

  • Academic assistance, contact Asst. Dean Debra Zaech, dzaech@sjcny.edu, 631.687.1282 or Asst. Dean Mary Herold, mherold@sjcny.edu, 631.687.1279
  • Accommodations for a disability, contact the Office of Student Accessibility Services, O’Connor Hall N301A, accommodations@sjcny.edu, 631.687.2403
  • Student activities or leadership, contact Student Involvement and Leadership, O’Connor Hall, Student Hospitality Lounge, sjcinvolvement.li@sjcny.edu, 631.687.2602
  • Personal counseling, contact Counseling and Wellness Services, 319 W Roe Blvd., lmcardle@sjcny.edu 631.687.1262
  • Career planning, interview skills and resume writing, contact Career Development and Engagement, O’Connor Hall E 301, jrooney@sjcny.edu, 631.687.1248
  • Medical assistance, contact Student Health Services, 319 W Roe Blvd., kv@sjcny.edu, 631.687.1259
  • Athletics, visit sjcgoldeneagles.com, click on ‘Connect With SJC’ and complete the recruiting form

If you have any questions you may email me directly. We know that you will have an exciting and rewarding experience as an SJC student.

Dr. Rose Mary Howell
Vice President for Student Life
O’Connor Hall N215 • rmhowell@sjcny.edu • 631.687.4594


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