5 Things All New SJC Students Should Know

By Margaret Liendo

College is an exciting adventure, one filled with unforgettable memories and new experiences. As SJC students, you will take in a ton of knowledge— both academic and otherwise — to help you grow and inspire others.However, in your eagerness to start this new chapter, you must keep in mind some important tips to make the most out of your college years. This, in turn, will help you learn lessons and create new opportunities that will become the foundation for your career. Here are just a few to get the most out of your SJC experience:

1) Study abroad
If you have the opportunity, study abroad! Studying abroad allows you to fully immerse yourself in a foreign language, to observe a new culture firsthand and to possibly even provide you with a new perspective of the world. A semester or year experiencing a different country — away from everything you know — is an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Learn more about our study abroad opportunities at sjcny.edu/globalstudies.

2) Strike a balance
Find a balance between fun and work because while grades are highly important, it is also vital to take part in clubs or school activities to get the most out of your college experience. There is something for every student out there on campus, from science to drama clubs, you cannot miss out on all the great things each organization has to offer. If you have not found the right club for you, take the initiative to start your own club, just as many students have done in the past!

3) Library sessions
A huge chunk of college life is spent studying to pass that final or hurrying to finish that research paper, but sometimes our homes may not be the best place for students to focus their undivided attention. Therefore, take advantage of the study rooms and resources that the Callahan Library has to offer. You and your friends can get a study session going by reserving a room that provides little to no distractions. Friendly librarians can help locate articles or books to provide you with the information necessary to complete a stellar paper.

4) Be advised
If you are unsure if your current major is the right one for you, get in contact with someone to help you! There are a variety of staff members and students that are willing to aid you in locating that perfect major. Do not be afraid to ask current students to gain a better idea of what your major entails. Also, if you are still unsure on what to major in, contact the Office of Career Development and Engagement at 631.687.1248, or email jrooney@sjcny.edu.

5) Grab your discounts
Now that you are officially an SJC student, take advantage of those awesome college student discounts offered at a wide variety of establishments. Countless stores will often give you great deals if you present your college student ID. You can check out a whole list of places and companies that give students great discounts on the SJC website (sjcny.edu/alumni/alumni-benefits)!


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