‘The Walking Dead’: We’re All In This Together

By Iris Santos

Some people will remember Sunday, February 14 for the romantic moments shared with loved ones. But fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead will remember February 14 as the day the TV series delivered one of its biggest episodes yet. Sunday night marked the return of the series after a three month hiatus. Boy, oh boy, it was an astonishing premiere.

Spoilers ahead. Don’t continue if you haven’t seen the episode.

The episode starts off with a bang…literally. About a dozen new characters were immediately blown to smithereens. There was a point in the opening scene when it seemed that one of our heroes wasn’t going to survive the encounter with Negan’s biker bunch. But Daryl had other plans, which involved blowing up the Sons of Anarchy rip-offs with a rocket launcher and saving his friends. Would the series would actually kill a main character in the opening? The explosive ending, however, was better than expectations.

With an intro like that, the rest of the episode had a lot to live up to; it did not disappoint. Back in Alexandria, Rick led his group through the zombie horde. As if he wasn’t already having the worst Valentine’s Day ever, the plan went awry and Rick ended up chopping off his girlfriend’s hand as she became zombie chow, along with both of her children.

Honestly, Sam never really had a chance. The poor boy was just not made for this world. Unfortunately, he had to take his mother down too. Jessie was actually starting to adapt to the apocalypse life. She was shaping up to be a strong female character. As for Ron, with all his anger towards the Grimes family, he was bound to bite the dust at some point. He took one last shot before dying…a shot that went straight to Carl’s eye.

carl eye

The biggest death of the episode does not belong to anyone in the Anderson family, but to Carl’s right eye. Those who read the comics knew this was coming. Viewers witnessed one of the most iconic events in the comic books come into fruition.

But perhaps the best part of this episode was the big fight montage at the end. This episode focused on adrenaline-pumping action, but the beauty of The Walking Dead is the strong character development. This episode had people previously labeled as cowards, like Father Gabriel, Eugene and a few Alexandrians, finally face their fears. They fought alongside Rick as they battled the zombie herd and saved their community.

The episode ends on a hopeful note, with a united Alexandria successful in their battle against the walking dead. With the walkers out of the way, the residents can now try to rebuild their community and enjoy the calm before the next storm comes. *Cough* Negan *Cough*

Overall, the midseason premiere was a good way to kick start this half of the season and hint at what’s to come in the future.


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