Welcome Back to 2015

By Samantha Stilwagen    

On October 21, 2015, at 7:28 p.m., Marty McFly and Doc came to the future. When they came to the year 2015 there were such amazing advancements. There were hover boards, self-tying shoes, flying cars and a prediction about the World Series that many people were hoping to come true.

There were several attempts at creating a hoverboard, the idea stemming from the Back to the Future trilogy. The main reason that developing such software has not come to a positive conclusion yet is because the laws of physics make it nearly impossible. Hover boards have been created by large companies such as Lexus. They were able to make their products almost exactly resemble the prop from the film, but the execution of the product falls short. The hover boards do not function the same way that they did in the movie. Currently, the closest thing to a hoverboard is the self-balancing scooters. These scooters consist of two wheels and a platform for the person to stand on. Rather than the one foot forward position of a skateboard or the hover board, the two-wheel balancing scooter lets the person maneuver the vehicle while standing with their feet side by side.

Michael J. Fox, the face of the The Back to the Future franchise, was the first person to ever receive a pair of Nike’s self-tying shoes. He received these shoes on October 21, 2015 in honor of the day Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future II. The shoes are to be launched to the public in the spring 2016. The exact date has not been released yet, but many people are filled with excitement and anticipation over the release of these amazingly advanced shoes.

There has been little done about inventing a car that has the capability of flight. The movie’s prediction of this technology was said to happen too soon. Scientists are still trying to figure out ways to make cars that are better for the environment, let alone cars that could leave the ground. With flying cars would come the need for new traffic laws not only for the road but for the air as well. The probability is that one day flying cars will be developed but for the moment, that is not the case.

In Back to the Future II it was said that the Chicago Cubs would win the 2015 World Series. For the first time in many years, the Cubs made it to the postseason. This prediction proved wrong on October 21, 2015, when the New York Mets won four out of the seven games in the National League Series. Many people were hoping for the Cubs to win the World Series for the mere fact that the writers of the movie were able to accurately guess the outcomes of the future.

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