Taking Care of Our Lake and Nature Trail

By Margaret Liendo      

On Friday, October 16, the Biology Club held its lake clean up event where many new and current members came out to help and beautify our community lake and school nature trail. One group of students was in charge of clearing the lake that had been devastated by encroaching plants, lake islands and waste near the Clare Rose Playhouse. The second group of students was in charge of clearing the path of our nature trail in the back of the school.

Volunteers took a few hours of their day to help the environment and beautify our community. There are so many benefits that a lake provides to us that we sometimes do not realize the impact it could have if it were gone. A lake helps to replenish groundwater and preserve the biodiversity of the area. Over the years, Dr. Rana and his ecology students have recorded data of the lake. Unfortunately, results show that the lake is undergoing eutrophication, a process that leads to lake death. It is important that we do our part to take care of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts, one that can not only be used as a resource but also as something that adds to our scenery.


The students, both in and out of the water, helped to clear out a great deal of debris from the inlet, which led to an increase of flowing water. A very excited Dr. Rana exclaimed that this was great progress and many members also mentioned that due to the many helping hands, much more was accomplished in one day than during all of last year! The clearing of the nature trail will also allow more students to explore what nature has to offer and even look for a nice quiet place to study or hang out.

However, the job didn’t stop there. The following Friday, even more students came out to help with the recovery. The men’s baseball team and the women’s basketball and soccer team came out to help, and they played a huge role towards our goal in clearing out the lake. The baseball team especially helped in removing large parts of a fallen tree that had been obstructing the lake.


We hope that many more students will be able to help out at the next lake clean up event, which will most likely take place during the spring due to the inclement weather. If not, please reach out to the biology department or its members to learn how you can help out. It is a rewarding experience and allows you to become closer to nature and learn more about what it has to offer.


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