Book Review of ‘Fangirl’

By Gabbie Borrero

Rainbow Rowell has done it again — she’s created another brilliant, masterfully written novel that is hilarious with a bit of edge.

Fangirl sets up 18year old Cather “Cath” Avery and her twin sister Wren embarking on their first year at college. However, Wren decides not to room with her twin, which leaves an anxious and worrisome Cath alone for the first time. Cath is a bookworm who is obsessed with a fictitious book series called Simon Snow, which is a dupe for the beloved Harry Potter series. Even though her love of Simon Snow makes her awkward and geeky, readers of Fangirl find her awkwardness quite endearing; Cath is a well known and most-read fanfiction writer of Simon Snow, writing under the pseudonym Magicath. Through trials with her family and new college friends, she grows as a character. She realizes her own potential through struggles with her love interest, Levi, and struggles with her roommate, Reagan, who also happens to be Levi’s ex-boyfriend. 

There are so many things to love about Fangirl. Rainbow Rowell is a brilliant craftswoman, she creates characters that are funny and easy to identify with. These characters also resonate with the reader. Plus, Fangirl isn’t some traditional girl meets boy love story where the whole world is magical and everybody lives happily ever after. Cath’s relationships with her family and friends are messy at times which allow the characters to portray real people.

This novel is a great coming of age story for both sexes, because geeky girls can look up to Cath, and boys who aren’t the super athletic type can see themselves in Levi and hopefully, go through the same changes that he does.
Fangirl deals with mental illness, family ties, inner strength, courage and humor in a brilliant way. It’s a novel that is so warm and genuine, and offers a world and characters that could be people you know in real life.


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