Mark Your Calendars!


Starting college can be an overwhelming time. There are some things happening around campus during the beginning of the fall semester that you definitely don’t want to miss. Make sure you mark your calendars now so you can keep track of these events!

Monday, August 31
First Day of Classes
This one’s pretty self-explanatory. You don’t want to miss any of your classes, but you especially don’t want to miss your first class. You’ll meet your professors, classmates and start to understand what is expected of you in those classes.

Wednesday, September 2
Welcome Back BBQ

The Welcome Back BBQ takes place during Common Hour out on the quad. SJC provides food and the whole campus comes together to celebrate the start of a new semester. This is a really good time to talk to students you recognize from your orientation groups, or to introduce yourself to other members of the SJC community.

Wednesday, September 9
Club Fair

Club Fair is held in the Danzi during Common Hour. It’s crucial to attend Club Fair so that you can talk to any clubs you may be interested in joining. With St. Joseph’s being a commuter school, it’s extra important that you join a few clubs. It is a really good way to ensure you involve yourself in the community and enhance your college experience.

Friday, September 18

Investiture is an event held at 7 p.m. in the Danzi Athletic Center for freshmen. The ceremony is held to officially welcome the freshmen into the SJC community. Freshmen wear a cap and gown for the ceremony, during which they move their tassels from left to right. This symbolizes the transition from high school graduates to college freshmen and reaffirms their commitment to continuing their education and bettering themselves by honoring St. Joseph’s five core pillars: integrity, intellectual values, spiritual values, service and social responsibility.

Friday, September 25
Evening Social
Each year, the Evening Social is held featuring a different theme. This year’s theme is Hawaiian Luau. Held from 6-9 p.m. on the quad, the event is another really good way to socialize with your peers and meet new people. It’s really important for freshmen to attend these types of events as a way to engage with their new community and become closer to those in their classes.


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