Finding Your Way Around Campus


Finding your way on a new location can definitely be tough. Here’s a guide to help you find your way around the buildings.

O’Connor Hall

This is the main building on campus, where most SJC students spend the majority of their time. Here’s where you will find the administration, offices, laboratories, classrooms, several academic departments and a computer lab. When you walk into O’Connor Hall through the main entrance, you’re on the second floor of the building. This little trick does take some getting used to at first, but then it becomes really easy to remember. The first floor of the building is home to the cafeteria. The cafeteria is a great place to grab some food and hang out; however, it can get crowded. When this happens, take your group of friends and hunt down an empty classroom to hang out in.

Callahan Library

Located across the quad from O’Connor, Callahan Library is the place to go if you want to get some homework or studying done. There are two separate computer sections to do work on or print from, as well as many tables and chairs to work on assignments with your peers. The library has a few study rooms, which can be signed out by a group of students. These rooms are a really great resource to utilize when studying with a group of friends for a test or final. The library is also home to a few classrooms downstairs, something that can be kind of confusing to see on your schedule. Once you find them though, they’re easy to get to and not something to worry about.

Business and Technology Building

For any mathematics, business, computer science or accounting majors, the Business and Technology (B.T.) Building will be your home. All math classes, and occasionally some other classes that don’t necessarily fit, are held in the B.T. The building is also home to a few computer labs, which are a great last resort if the other buildings’ computer labs are filled. The Math Lab is located in the building: a free tutoring service which specializes in math, accounting and computer science. Don’t shy away from using this fantastic resource if you find yourself hitting a wall with homework assignments or struggling with a topic the week before a big exam.

Danzi Athletic Center

The Danzi is home to any fitness classes you may take, as well as the occasional workshop. The gym is open to student use for free upon completion of a quick lesson regarding the use of the equipment.

Outdoor Field Complex

The Outdoor Field Complex is where the majority of SJC’s sporting events are held. The complex is a 25-acre facility, located a mile east of campus on Sunrise highway. The complex is home to tennis courts, tracks, pole-vaulting equipment, and baseball and softball fields.


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