Orientation Edition 2015

Changes on Campus

This past summer brought a lot of changes to the SJC campus, including a renovation of the quad and many changes to the interior of O’Connor Hall. The cafeteria has been renovated to better accommodate Sage Dining Services, the new provider for food on campus. The switch to Sage Dining Services from Lessing’s also involves a renovation of the Third Floor Lounge to create a secondary dining area with a Starbuck’s Cafe.

These changes also involve the movement of a lot of offices throughout O’Connor Hall. Here is a list of the new locations of those offices, as well as the contacts for these offices. Utilize these resources, as they can be very helpful during your experience at SJC:

Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, N207

-Contact: Susan Pollack at spollock@sjcny.edu

Office of Global Studies, N109

-Contact: Linda Lubraski at globalstudies@sjcny.edu

Office of the Vice President of Student Life, N215

-Contact: Magie Hassanin at mhassanin@sjcny.edu

Office of Campus Ministry, N227

-Contact: Patrick Tracy at ptracy@sjcny.edu

The Academic Advisement Center, N302

-Contact: S. Suzanne Franck at sfranck@sjcny.edu

The Academic Center, N304 and N304a

-Contact: Katie Blumenthal at kblumenthal@sjcny.edu

Office of Student Accessibility Services, N301a

-Contact: Katherine Granelli at kgranelli@sjcny.edu

Office of Student Success, N301

-Contact: Debra Zaech at dzaech@sjcny.edu or Mary Herold at mherold@sjcny.edu

Office of Student Engagement and Scholarship Retention, N303

-Contact: S. Karen Donohue at kdonohue@sjcny.edu

Office of Career Development and Engagement, E301

-Contact: Jennifer Rooney at jrooney@sjcny.edu or Kevin Gill at kgill@sjcny.edu

Office of Student Involvement and Leadership/Campus Activities Board, N307

-Contact: Bryan Gill at bgill@sjcny.edu or Hugo Morales at hmorales@sjcny.edu

Office of Multicultural Student Life/Student Government Association, N307a

-Contact: Christy Banks at cbanks@sjcny.edu

Finally, the entire department of admissions has moved to the second floor by the auditorium or the main lobby.


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