Sigma Alpha Phi


“We build leaders who make this a better world.” That is what the National Society of Leadership and Success, known as Sigma Alpha Pi, stands for. This semester, Dr. Susan Hudec, Dean of Students of both the Long Island and Brooklyn campuses, brought the society to the campuses, giving more opportunities for students to learn leadership skills and work together to benefit the future. The Long Island chapter, one of 416, is lead by two chapter advisors: Bryan Gill, Director of Student Activities and Co-Curricular Programs, and Christy Banks, Director of Multicultural Student Life.

The society focuses on helping as many people as possible, and its goal is to create positive changes in society that will last. Bryan Gill, discussed how the goals of the society captured his attention and inspired him to participate in the society. He stated, “I want to know how I can make this happen.”

Members, after receiving nomination and registering for membership, must complete certain steps to induction. The first step is attending orientation, which gives all necessary information needed for becoming a member. Leadership training day is the second step in the induction process. This is an introspective, three-hour program to allow the members to learn their strengths and weaknesses in order to become better leaders. The third step is to attend three speaker events, where world leaders discuss topics involved in the college-to-career transfer process. The final step is to have three meetings with a success networking team, which allows members to work together to support each other. After members complete these steps, they are considered officially inducted.

Members are eligible for personal letters of recommendation, partner discounts and scholarships. Sigma Alpha Pi allows for members to have flexibility in completing the steps necessary, the only time limit being that all steps are complete before the member’s graduation.

The Long Island chapter would love to gain more members and spread the ideas. Anyone interested can contact either of the chapter advisors or can visit the website for more information.



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