Relay for Life



St. Joseph’s College hosted its third annual Relay for Life, an overnight event that raises money for cancer, on Saturday, April 12th. Among 42 teams and 354 participants, St. Joseph’s was able to raise $24,125.17! The Relay chairwomen Bridget Titone and Becca Vogel, as well as the rest of the Relay committee, worked hard to make the night fun and memorable for everyone.

When you signed into Relay, you were given a clock which was attached to everyone’s shirt, to represent the 12 hours of the event. Each hour a person stayed, he or she was given a sticker for his or her clock, making the goal to get all 12 stickers throughout the night. The event kicked off with opening ceremonies and speeches from cancer survivors and caregivers. When the walk started, the survivors took the first lap around the track, followed by the caregivers, then everyone else. This carried on for the entire night because if cancer never sleeps, why should we?

At one point, each person was given a glow stick and told to crack if they knew someone, know someone, or are directly affected by cancer. By the end, everyone was holding a lit glow stick. Around 10 P.M., the lights were turned off and the luminaria bags that students dedicated to someone they know affected with cancer were lit up. After walking a few laps around the gym, everyone went outside, where the Relay committee released two luminaria bags into the sky. The luminaria ceremony was the most emotional part of Relay.

There were also tons of games and contests for everyone, including a huge Twister game, limbo, a Frozen T-shirt contest and Ms. Relay, where guys dressed up in girl’s clothing. The prettiest guy who had the most money donated to him in the end was crowned the winner. At about 1 A.M, everyone took part in Zumba- the perfect way to stay awake!

At around 6 A.M., the committee announced the outstanding amount of money the St. Joseph’s community had raised. Everyone who had made it 12 hours was awarded a medal to show that they were up all night for the fight. After receiving a medal, everyone took their last lap around the gym. Congratulations to the St. Joseph’s community for all your hard work.



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