CrossFit: The Ultimate Test of Fitness


“What’s your Fran Time?”

“I’m so happy I hit a PR.”

“Camille Bazinet killed 14.2.”

“I love my box and the people there.”

If you don’t know what these phrases mean or have never heard them once in your life then odds are you are not familiar with CrossFit. If you are, then you can easily react to these quotes and start an hour-long conversation. If not, go onto Google and find the nearest CrossFit gym and join!

Some may say CrossFit is a new trend when, in reality, it has been around since 2000 and is the biggest love/hate relationship you will ever have with something.

The hour workout begins with a 400-meter run or 500-meter row, followed by stretching, then a strength session, ending with a high intensity drill that can range from two to twenty-five minutes. The WOD (workout of the day) can have a person doing anything from cardio movement to heavy lifting.

I came into CrossFit about a year ago–unable to deadlift 45 pounds off the ground. Now, I’m easily deadlifting 245 pounds per rep. CrossFit makes you question the things you never thought your body could physically handle. It pushes you beyond your limits and it transforms you into an individual tougher than you ever imagined.

Using CrossFit is a complete lifestyle change. At a CrossFit gym, there are no machines like you would see at LA Fitness. Every exercise is what you’re able to do with your body; there is no machine doing it for you.

The CrossFit community is like no other. The people you meet at your CrossFit gym are inspiring and want nothing but the best for you. We love to watch each other excel; it inspires us to lift that weight back up when we think we cannot do it any longer.

A common myth about CrossFit is that it’s expensive. Some may think it is pricey, but once you realize what CrossFit is all about, you are getting your money’s worth and much more. Most local CrossFit gyms offer a free trial class, and once you go to that, you will be hooked.

Another “myth” is that CrossFit causes injuries–just practice safe lifting, and you’ll be surprised how CrossFit training improves your physique. My mom had back surgery a few years ago and was in constant pain. Now, my 47-year-old mother deadlifts 185 pounds off of the ground. A CrossFit coach can specifically detail a workout to your abilities, which will help prevent injuries while giving you a great workout at the same time.

Fran is a famous workout that entails pull-ups and thrusters (squatting down with weight and pushing it up above your head as you exit the squat). Many workouts are named after fallen military heroes such as Fran, Diane, Murph, and Grace.

Camille Bazinet is a CrossFit Games athlete. Just as every major sport has its culminating competition, CrossFit has the Games. She is the sixth fittest woman on Earth and considered by many to be one of the most beautiful women in the sport.

CrossFit is a terrific test of fitness, the only sport that will simultaneously test swimming, Olympic and powerlifting, agility, speed, endurance, and intensity. It measures every last bit of strength a person has.

The “box” (a CrossFit gym) is a loving, supportive place where people can get together, workout all day and be a family. Nobody is listening to their own music on iPods; instead we all jam out to the music that’s piped in through the gym’s speakers.

CrossFit is quite the experience, it has changed my life for the better. If this has sparked your interest, by all means, look into joining!


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