Reaching Awareness One Pass at a Time

BY MADELYN VETRANO Webster’s dictionary defines a person with a disability as being “physically or mentally impaired in a way that substantially limits activity.” If there were ever a group of individuals to defy labels, it’s the men from the Nassau County Kings wheelchair basketball team. On Wednesday, March 26, Awareness is Key and the … Continue reading Reaching Awareness One Pass at a Time


Portrait of an Author: Alena Dillon

BY ANTHONY SEMENTILLI Click here to purchase Alena Dillon's Book!             From mourning the finale of a beloved television series to accidentally attending a pole dancing class intended for professional strippers, this collection captures life's absurdities through the perspective of an every-woman. Alena Dillon invites readers to laugh along with her as she reflects on … Continue reading Portrait of an Author: Alena Dillon

Anarchy in Ukraine: The Second Orange Revolution

BY JENNIFER GAGLIARDI Throughout the month of February, the Eastern European country of Ukraine was not as ready to partake in the celebratory show of sportsmanship brought about by the Olympics. On February 19th, the streets were bathed in fire and ash as tensions reached a deadly climax between protesters and police in the capital … Continue reading Anarchy in Ukraine: The Second Orange Revolution

Relay for Life

BY BRITTANY BECKER St. Joseph's College hosted its third annual Relay for Life, an overnight event that raises money for cancer, on Saturday, April 12th. Among 42 teams and 354 participants, St. Joseph’s was able to raise $24,125.17! The Relay chairwomen Bridget Titone and Becca Vogel, as well as the rest of the Relay committee, … Continue reading Relay for Life

Sigma Alpha Phi

BY KENNEDY WRIGHT “We build leaders who make this a better world.” That is what the National Society of Leadership and Success, known as Sigma Alpha Pi, stands for. This semester, Dr. Susan Hudec, Dean of Students of both the Long Island and Brooklyn campuses, brought the society to the campuses, giving more opportunities for … Continue reading Sigma Alpha Phi