Next Reads: Irish Authors


Next Reads: Irish Authors

James Joyce

Joyce’s most well-known work, Dubliners, is a collection of fifteen short stories. Containing many of the same characters from his other major work, Ulysses, these tales shed light on middle class Dublin during the turn of the century.

Oscar Wilde

An Ideal Husband, a comedic stage play set in London, allows political corruption and blackmail to take center stage. This popularly produced play examines the importance of owning up to  your actions while still managing to keep the past in the past.


Seamus Heaney

Death of a Naturalist is Seamus Heaney’s second major publication. Comprised of 34 poems, Death of a Naturalist explores the connection among family life, childhood experiences, and the formation of an adult identity.


William Butler Yeats

Mythologies is William Butler Yeats’s retellings of famous Irish tales. To add authenticity to these ancient tales, Yeats begins many of them with actual accounts of storytellers who dedicate their lives to preserving these stories.


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