Spring Up Your Wardrobe


Are you sick of the cold weather? Have you had enough of wearing your coat and heavy clothes just to keep you warm? If you answered yes, then you are as ready for spring to come as I am! So, let’s take a well-deserved look at the new spring fashions, and get inspired that spring is really on its way.

Surprisingly, spring fashion trends are already available in the stores. In fact, Mercedes-Benz Spring Fashion Week was held February 6th to February 13th. It may seem early to talk about spring fashion in the winter months, but it is a good time to learn how to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring.

The spring time is all about bright, warm colors and this can be shown through your outfits. Mint green, blush pink, lavender, light blue, and yellow are all popular colors to brighten up your look. You can transition your look by slowly adding pops of color into your wardrobe. By the time spring comes, you will be all “warmed” up!

A good way to change your winter look is to lighten your layering once the weather gets warmer. Instead of wearing heavy sweaters, try a lightweight cardigan. You could go for a beige-colored cardigan to keep your look lighter. Also, try a blazer. A blazer can be worn with almost any outfit and is good to wear while the weather is changing.

Graphic prints will be a big trend this spring, such as floral and geometric prints. Floral print is a classic look; bright flowers are a great pick to make the cold months feel more like spring. Floral dresses and skirts will be popular looks during the springtime. Geometric prints also are becoming a trend, as seen on many runway shows such as Fendi and Carolina Herrera. Geometric leggings, skirts, dresses, and jeans are being sold in stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. It will definitely make your spring wardrobe more couture.

Your new spring wardrobe isn’t just based on your clothes; your hair is an important part of your spring look too. While the winter time is about keeping your hair dark-colored for the cold months, for the warm months, lighten it up. For blonde hair, go platinum. It’s a popular trend on celebrities and is now coming to the everyday person. Auburn red hair is also becoming a big trend. A majority of people nowadays (myself included) are turning to the red-hair look. For brown hair, dark chocolate brown is a good way to make average brown hair into a shiny, warm look (it sounds delicious, too!) And finally, for black hair, it’s good to keep your hair silky and shiny for the warmer weather.

Whatever your style may be, let’s hope that warm colors and warmer weather will make this winter seem like it came and went!


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