Frightful Fun at Fall Fest

           A big tent in the center of the quad is always a good sign to any St. Joe’s College student. It signals an event, and usually one that involves food.

        This time around, the event was the Student Government Association’s annual Fall Fest, which conveniently happened to coincide with Halloween this year.

           Fall Fest is a celebration that comes at the perfect time of the semester: when most of the students have completed midterms and are in the midst of registering for classes. It’s the perfect respite from the daily grind.

           This year’s SGA giveaway was a pair of SJC socks. These will be great for those long, cold walks to the parking lot after a night class, or even for lounging around the house.

           Students and faculty alike were dressed in their Halloween best; from zombies and witches to cheerleaders and cartoon characters, many people gave it their all and put their best costumed foot forward.

           Lunch was served under the tent, and included a choice of soup: chicken, cheddar broccoli, or vegetable, with crackers and bread. Tables were set up inside and out of the tent, representing the multitude of clubs on campus. C.A.B. had its usual table serving ice cream floats to the masses.

            Each club had various giveaways, many of which included the treat of the day: candy. There were also opportunities to guess the number of items in jars for the chance to win a prize. Some clubs were doing more than dishing out the sweet stuff, though. Many used the opportunity to raise money for their different charities and advertise upcoming events.

           The real highlight for the attendees was the performances by various arts clubs. The Dance Club, Dance Team, Latin Dance Club, and Step Squad all performed routines that demonstrated their hard work and effort for all to see. The Sign Language Club signed a rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” and there was also a performance by the SJC Sharps.

           In what seemed to be record time, the event ended way too soon after it began. SGA gave us yet another successful Fall Fest this year, which leaves us with the question: what will be next year’s SJC-themed giveaway?

By: Jennifer Joniak

014 009 008 006


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