SJC Radio: “Your School, Your Sound”

After building itself up from an empty corner of the cafeteria, SJC Radio has certainly established itself within its first year. The radio station is one that we trust to entertain, inform, and, if we’re lucky, serenade us from behind the glass windows of its booth. Even though SJC Radio has recently celebrated its first birthday and basked in its foundational accomplishments, the club has absolutely no intention of curbing its initial ambition. After chatting with the founder of SJC’s radio station, Dylan Gafarian, I learned everything you need to know in order to enjoy all of the perks that the station has to offer.

How to Access

The radio booth is located in the back left corner of the cafeteria. The music is broadcast throughout the cafeteria and in the Smith’s Lounge every day until the late evening. Because SJC Radio is Internet based, there are many ways to access the station and listen to its broadcasts. In addition to it’s own Quick Links option on the school website, you can also download the SJC Radio smartphone app and listen to it on the go. Better yet, the application is free and can be downloaded on both iPhones and Androids.

What to Listen to

If you enjoyed listening to Dylan’s “Throwback Thursdays” and duo talk show “MonteRu,” you are in luck, as they are back this year. Throwback Thursdays start with the 60s at 6pm and “MonteRu” airs on Mondays from 9:30am-11am. Along with the favorites from the previous year, SJC Radio also has many new and exciting programs in the works for their loyal listeners.

Country fans should tune in on Tuesdays from 5pm-6pm for an hour of non-stop country, hosted by Tanya, while sports fans should tune in on Mondays from 4pm-5pm for “Extra Innings,” hosted by Rob Mancuso and Mike Tavella.  The program will focus on commentary of SJC sports; however, the hosts will also address their own interests such as the latest happenings in professional leagues. The “Pete and Poz” show — a twist on the modern talk show that encourages listeners to engage in the discussions — is sure to be a very exciting addition to this year’s line up as the show is fueled by discussion topics placed in the mailbox outside the station by students! Any and all topics are encouraged, so don’t hesitate to drop an idea in the box and tune in.

Even with these new plans, the reach of the radio does not stop there.  SJC Radio eventually hopes to integrate itself with the curriculum of the new Media Studies major at St. Joseph’s College; involvement in the station is a great way to develop and advance communication skills. Additionally, SJC Radio will provide the DJ-ing for upcoming SJC events beginning this Spring semester.

To Infinity and Beyond

Keep an eye out for these exciting developments because SJC Radio is definitely going to become a daily aspect of campus life. During our chat, Dylan emphasized that there are a plethora of ways to get involved in this club, “You don’t need to be interested in being on air to be a part of SJC Radio!”

If being an active member of the club isn’t for you, simply listening to the station gives validation to all of their hard work. As Dylan has said, they “aren’t just a glass cubicle in the corner of the cafeteria.”  Rather, they are the epitome of SJC’s core values. As a school that prides itself on integrity, service and willingness to get involved, St. Joseph’s College is lucky to have such a determined, optimistic and entertaining bunch of students to represent it and act as a link between each member of the SJC community.

Perhaps the greatest cause for celebration within a club is the successful completion of an inaugural year; one inevitably filled with sky-high hurdles, frustrating flops, and those ever-elusive uncrossed T’s. Nonetheless, the satisfaction of knowing you have survived an entire year can evoke quite a rewarding feeling.

On behalf of the entire Talon staff, we would like to congratulate SJC Radio on its first anniversary and can’t wait for your future plans!

By Madelyn Vetrano


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