English Department Enhances Course Requirements

Someone on campus had some work done! No, its not one of the professors – it’s the English department. There have been some incredible changes made to the course requirements that will make the program one of the most prestigious in the state. Step up your game, freshmen, this is new curriculum is no joke! And, while I am fully satisfied with my education here at St. Joe’s, I can’t help but feel a little jealous that I won’t be able to take some of these courses.

At the First Official Town Hall meeting held earlier this month, Dr. Grochowski said, “one of the major reasons for this overhaul was to better prepare the students heading out to graduate programs and the workforce.” It was also mentioned that these new requirements would be more beneficial to those on the secondary education track, one of the more popular majors at St. Joe’s. Students who have just entered the college will now have the opportunity to take more electives that better suit their needs. I should point out, however, that unless you are a freshman or a transfer student with 90 credits or more, these changes do not affect you in any way, shape, or form!

One of the biggest projects a student majoring in English will take on during their coursework is the writing of their senior thesis. From first hand experience, I know thesis is not something to mess around with. It should be noted, however, that the English department has a very organized system, which prevents students from slipping through the cracks. While technically thesis is only offered in the fall semester, it is really started during the previous spring. All the research, annotated bibliographies, and works cited lists are completed during the summer so that once you return in the fall, all that’s left is the writing.

A degree in English from St. Joseph’s college can lead to more than just a job inside the classroom. According to Dr. Judy Phagan, English Department Chair, “English, as part of a Liberal Arts education, is the perfect training for any possible market place.” As an English major, you develop critical reading and writing skills that will be invaluable during not only post-graduate coursework but in today’s cutthroat job market.

The English department, or Platform 9 ¾ as some may know it, it located off of the second floor lounge. Their door is always open for questions or concerns, or if you’re like me, just to hang out! Dr. Phagan is more than willing to work with students and her office has an open door policy. And, if you’re not convinced yet, two of the past three valedictorians have been English majors!

By Brandon Markowitz


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