The Gatsby Extravaganza

“There was music from my neighbor’s house through the summer nights. In his blue

gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the

champagne and the stars.”

― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

The sun is just about to dip below the tree line; the boiler is cranked and waiting. The birds are spitting on about the bangtails at the track, their newest bean-shooters and the hooch they are about to put down as they huddle outside waiting, butts lit. The dames already have their glad rags on and are nearly finished fastening their oyster fruit as they chin about the ritzy Model T in the drive; it’s quite the cat’s meow.

The gang is ready to dust out. The war is over, the stock market is keen; they’ve got the bees, the heap and the hooch. It’s time to head out to West Egg.

On December 4, SJC is going to party like it’s 1922.

Literature Expression Imagination Inspiration (L.E.I.I.), also known as SJC’s English Club, and the Art Club have come together to host the Gatsby Extravaganza, a themed shindig that is sure to be the party of the semester. The event, inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, will take place in the McGann Conference room, which the Art Club will decorate to look like the Gatsby Mansion.

Michael Anthony Iasilli, president of L.E.I.I., hopes that the Extravaganza will be a “place where literature can come alive.”

Guests of the party, to which the admission fee is simply a children’s book donation, are strongly encouraged to dress the part of a Roaring 20’s socialite: to draw inspiration from those of the age of Jazz, flappers and speakeasies. Iasilli hinted at some of the surprises in store for the guests, one in particular being a champagne glass tower centerpiece (the glasses will be filled with non-alcoholic bubbly, of course).

For Iasilli, the Gatsby Extravaganza has been “a great opportunity for English majors and art majors to come together as creative thinkers and work on an amazing event that also serves the community.”

The books collected will be donated to Suffolk County book donor centers, including the Port Jefferson Free Library, among others. In this way, the night will serve as both a source of fun and excitement for the entire St. Joseph’s College community, but also one of charity and service.

This event is the first major undertaking for L.E.I.I., which was voted in as a club only last spring, having won over 78 percent of SGA in the poll. Michael Iasilli and a friend, Steven Davila, took charge of the club after transferring into the school and discovering the former English club had essentially dissolved. “We decided to take on the responsibly to recreate it and make it better,” Iasilli said.

Reflecting on the fall of the previous organization and learning from it, L.E.I.I. executives are aiming to keep things exciting; they are “looking to deliver to the English community, but also to the broader spectrum of student life at SJC.”

The Gatsby Extravaganza is sure to do just that, so crank your boilers and lay out your glad rags because you have just been invited to a party, old sport!

By: Caitlynn Webber


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