Fall Fashion Trends on Campus

Do we really care what the Kardashians are wearing these days? It’s much easier to observe fashion on campus and see what trends are popular from freshmen to seniors. From backpacks and boots to sweaters and scarves, here’s an observation on this fall semester’s fashion trends here at SJC! There are many different trends on … Continue reading Fall Fashion Trends on Campus


Liquid Life

Five liters—less than three soda bottles, that’s how much blood a person has. The body is a piece of art, one that can synthesize a fluid that constantly supplies every cell with oxygen and nutrients, removes waste, regulates heat, protects against disease, and much more. Life without blood is simply impossible. There is a problem, … Continue reading Liquid Life

The Government Shutdown: What You Need to Know

On September 30th, the last day of the government’s fiscal year, Congress failed to agree on a budget. This forced the nation into the first government shutdown in almost twenty years. Because this isn’t something that happens often, people have been confused about the situation--allow us to explain. Each year the government has to approve … Continue reading The Government Shutdown: What You Need to Know