Kicks for Cancer at SJC

With a group of dedicated girls and passionate supporters, the women’s soccer team decided to get involved in something bigger than they could have ever imagined. This year’s Kicks For Cancer event will be hosted at the St. Joseph’s Athletic Complex on October 28th at 5 pm.

Kicks For Cancer originated on Long Island at Hauppauge High School following the passing of a fellow student, Courtney Tomkin, in 2008. Tomkin was highly regarded by her peers as an inspiration. Kicks for Cancer has continued for the past five years in Tomkin’s memory.

“She was a real hero to us,” said Jacki Baratelli, a classmate of Tomkin. “She really is an inspiration; she didn’t ask for all of this to be done. She was buried with her Kicks For Cancer hoodie we made for her — she used to wear it all the time.”

The organization’s goal is to raise money for the Making Headway Foundation, which divides the profits between the families of cancer-stricken children and funding research for a cure. The women’s soccer team has already sold t-shirts, sweatshirts, and honorary “mentions” as part of their fundraising efforts. All proceeds earned at this charity match will be donated to the cause. Additional gear will also be readily available for purchase on the night of the event. The team feels confident that it will raise a significant amount of money and is excited about this meaningful event.

“It is an important event because so many people are affected by cancer,” said Baratelli. “Whether it is the person, themselves, their friend, or a family member.”

Over 20 high school teams across Long Island were invited to attend this special night as the women’s soccer team honors the program with pink “Kicks For Cancer” t-shirts. Each year, approximately 10 high school teams take part in this important fundraiser throughout October. The team anticipates a large crowd and hopes that St. Joseph’s College students will spend this special night with them as well. The team takes on Centenary (N.J.) for the event.

“It’s nice that we were able to unite as a community in order to support such an important cause,” Katie Condron ‘17 said. “We hope the crowd will generously feed into our cause and come out that night.”


By Cristiana Votta


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