Happy Hauntings!

Every year the Campus Activities Board (CAB) plans an evening social for the students at St. Joseph’s College. With Halloween being just around the corner, as well as some students looking to test out costume ideas, there was no better theme for this year than “Happy Hauntings.” The evening social consisted of food, games, attractions and music with a special Halloween twist, including several zombies walking around to keep everyone on their toes and looking over their shoulders.

In addition to quad-roaming zombies, there was an entertainer who rode a unicycle and juggled various objects — at times simultaneously. Nearby was a “What’s In the Bin?” game. Participants chose between four mystery boxes; upon sticking a hand inside, a correct guess earned a prize. There were also a basketball shoot-out and a spinning wheel to collect raffle tickets for the end of the night. Other attractions included a large inflatable obstacle course, a gyroscope ride and “The Last Ride” where you lay in a coffin and live out the experience of your own funeral!

Before the winning raffle tickets were drawn, the juggler showed us his grand finale. For his final trick, he mounted his seven-foot unicycle with a straitjacket on, escaped from his confinement and then continued to ride his unicycle while juggling three sharp knives. After everyone was pumped up from the finale, the students won raffle prizes such as five pound gummy candies, a $100 Visa gift card, a bag of SJC gear and, of course, the coveted Paco the Panda. The night was filled with some great people and some great times. It is safe to say that the members of CAB have outdone themselves once again.


By James Young


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